A photo of Jesse and Doug

Uniquely Knitted is a nonprofit organization on a mission to heal the traumas of infertility and end the isolation that goes with struggling to conceive. We do that by providing affordable Mental Health services to people suffering from infertility.

Our Story

In 2018 Jesse Brown started giving out gift boxes to people who were struggling with infertility. After struggling with infertility for years, she wanted to show support and offer connection to a group of people so often missed by society. This act of kindness led to the creation of Uniquely Knitted, a non-profit on a mission to change the experience of infertility. That idea of seeing people in their pain quickly grew and thousands of support boxes were shipped out around the world.

In 2020 the world was flipped upside down. Among the pandemic and lock-downs, millions of people were navigating infertility and struggling with their mental health. Community, healing, and resilience were needed like never before. Uniquely Knitted responded by creating a first-of-its-kind resiliency program for individuals and couples struggling with infertility.

These process groups offer 6 weeks of connection, healing, and a chance to build resilience with others. Uniquely Knitted has walked with hundreds of people during their season of infertility. Through these groups, we have experienced, hope, pain, laughter, healing, mind-bending stories, amazing transformations, and connection like never before.

As Uniquely Knitted grows to serve more people around the world we are excited to continue to grow our mental health services to include coaching licensed therapy, and double the number of process groups.

Uniquely Knitted’s vision from the beginning has remained the same. Help change the experience of infertility. Now, more than ever before we believe this is possible. Now is the time to replace trauma with healing, isolation with connection, and sorrow with hope.

Uniquely Knitted is a registered charity serving in the area of Mental Health and Infertility.

We are based in the USA EIN: 84-1767892