Infertility and Ethics

Ethics can be Overwhelming

Needing to think about ethical matters in the midst of the life changing stress of infertility can definitely be overwhelming.

It's maddening how you are thrown these huge life topics like reproductive ethics while you are struggling to get pregnant. It's hard enough to struggle with infertility. Who would have time to deal with something like ethics in the midst of all this? However, we are constantly confronted with ethical decisions throughout our reproductive journey. It feels unavoidable!

That's why this episode exists. 🧡

In this episode Doug and Jesse dive straight into the ethical issues someone might face during infertility.

They look at some simple (🙄 this is sarcasm) questions like: What are ethical issues? Does someone even face ethical issues when they use reproductive technologies? What are the different thoughts about when life begins?

One special note! This episode is not arguing any one view point, but instead, it is a tour though the different ethical thoughts about infertility and reproductive technologies.

If you ever wondered about the ethical issues within infertility and reproductive technologies then this episode is for you!

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