Infertility and Life Change with Dr. Lora Shahine

Infertility is a Life Changing Experience

From physical changes in the body, to emotional changes and a fractured sense of purpose, infertility can MESS with YOUR LIFE. Infertility can effect quality of life, lessen resilience and cause real psychological feelings of distress. [1]

It fells like a nightmare roller coaster you can’t get off.

For many, seeing a Fertility Doctor is the first step in figuring out how to physically and emotionally handle all of this. In an effort to understand all the emotions around the life change of infertility, Jesse and Doug are joined by Dr. Lora Shahine

Dr. Lora Shahine is a fertility doctor, author, and speaker who shatters stigmas about miscarriages and fertility. She is double board-certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility as well as obstetrics and gynecology. She is a leading voice in the infertility community.

In this episode we explore what it's like to struggle with the life change of infertility from the perspective of patient and doctor. There is real hope for those who struggle with infertility when infertility and the life change that goes along with it are taken seriously.

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[1] Vatanparast, M., Yasini Ardekani, S. M., Anvari, M., Kalantari, A., Yaghmaie, F., & Royani, Z. (2022). Resilience as the predictor of quality of life in the infertile couples as the most neglected and silent minorities. Journal of reproductive and infant psychology, 40(3), 216–227.

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