Infertility and Loneliness

Infertility can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience.

In fact, research has proven that people who struggle to get pregnant report much higher levels of loneliness than the average person. The pain and anxiety of struggling to get pregnant can isolate even the most connected person. [1] [2]

Which, if we are being honest, really sucks.

It seems that there is a vicious cycle to infertility. Infertility can be painful and overwhelming which causes us to lean on our coping mechanisms and the people around us. However, our coping mechanisms and the people around can be the very things that trigger us. The family dinner that was really life giving starts to suck the life out of you when everyone keeps asking you, "soooo when are you guys thinking about trying?" The thing that could bring us out of isolation is the very driving us further into isolation.

There is a sense that nobody get's it, it would be safer to just stay inside. Avoid the triggers and the triggering places. However, it's in this self isolation that the loneliness begins to grow. A vicious cycle if there ever was one. 😞

There is one thing that is true. If infertility is making you feel this way, you are not alone! 🧡

In this episode Jesse and Doug are talking about what the loneliness and the isolation of infertility feels like. They are looking at how we can counter the vicious cycle of infertility and loneliness.

If you have ever felt like infertility is making you lonely, this episode is for you.

[1] Köksal, S., & Goisis, A. (2023). Loneliness during the Pregnancy-Seeking Process: Exploring the Role of Medically Assisted Reproduction. Journal of health and social behavior, 64(2), 209–227.

[2] Gokler, M. E., Unsal, A., & Arslantas, D. (2014). The Prevalence of Infertility and Loneliness among Women Aged 18-49 Years Who Are Living in Semi-Rural Areas in Western Turkey. International journal of fertility & sterility, 8(2), 155–162.

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