Infertility and Stress

Stress and Infertility can feel like they go hand in hand!

Does stress cause infertility? Does infertility cause stress? How do we reduce stress during infertility? Should we reduce stress during infertility? If we reduce stress will we get pregnant? What if we reduce our stress and don't get pregnant?

All these questions can twist you into a stress pretzel. Ugh. 🫠

Infertility is so stressful it hurts. It could not be more stressful if it tried. Stress is not just a buzzword; it’s a physical and emotional response to demanding circumstances and, in the case of infertility, to ongoing uncertainty and repeated disappointments. Stress triggers your body’s fight-or-flight response, flooding it with various hormones and preparing it for immediate action.

In this episode Jesse and Doug look at how stress makes us feel during infertility. Specifically they look at how we should approach the connection between infertility and stress. They offer a fresh perspective on approaching the management of stress in our life in light of infertility.

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